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NextPro will once again be our exclusive film partner at PDT. NextPro is the leading provider of game film and highlight reels in the country. For PDT 2024, they are going to be providing their regular filming services and they will also be live-streaming games.

Game Film:


NextPro is offering team packages and two individual purchase options for PDT 2024. Some of the benefits of their Team Package coverage:


* Elevated perspective, 60 frames per second - high-quality film capture.

* Free media profiles for players on, where they can view and download their games, and make clips from their game to share with friends, family, and on social media; and free accounts for parents too!

*Significant discounts on optional highlight reel products

* Click here to find out more and to book a team package or an individual package.

 All team package inquiries should be directed to: 805-372-1980


Live Streaming:

For the 4th year at PDT we will also be live-streaming games. The focus will be on the U16-U19 college age groups. Click here to view live-stream options.

* Please Note:

 NextPro will be the only videography provider at PDT 2024. No other professional company is allowed. NextPro has first choice of filming locations.  Any team representative filming with elevated equipment must do so on the spectator sideline. 

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