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Recovery and injury prevention are vital during soccer tournaments. US Cryotherapy, based in Scottsdale, offers whole body (nitrogen-free) sessions to stimulate the body and to recover faster! The PDT Recovery Special includes a session in our Whole Body Chamber plus one of our Localized Cryotherapy treatments which target specific areas.


Athletes rely on these treatments to remain free of injuries, treat acute injuries sustained throughout the games and boost their performance. Stay in the game this weekend with our recovery special! Our Whole Body Chamber fits up to 4 athletes in one session so you can recover with your friends, family & teammates!

 Click here to pre-purchase the $30 Presidents Day Tournament Recovery Special


No appointment is necessary. Groups of 8 or more receive a $5 discount. Please call ahead at (480) 508-2796 for groups of 8 or more.

Athletes under the age of 18 will require a parental consent form, which you can download here.

No appointment is necessary.

Visit us at

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